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How to start

To start playing at our server you need follow some steps.

1) Download & Install our game Client
2) Create an account
2. You must run game from Play.exe
3) Enter the game and enjoy


Guide and Instructions

1. How to get MoonBox and Proftoken?
*Go to GuildWar Area, find Guild Conductor 4 she will teleport you in Hawking Monster map.
You will get those by hunting.

2.) How to get EuxeniteOre?
*You can get EuxeniteOre by mining in MineCave.Find Assistant and bring PickAxe to mine it.

3.)How to get Level 137?
*You need 35 Power XP ball from Level 130 to 137.
*How to get PowerXP Ball?

a.) You can get Power XP Ball by collecting letters [CONQUER] drop by birdman in BirdIsland
and find Emissary in BirdIsland (711,572).
b.) You may also get Power XP Ball by killing SnowBenshee and Terato Dragon.

4.) How to get emerald stone?
*You must teleport in Desert City and find HillMonster with xyCoordinate [836, 615]